Lockhart Realty Advisors



Lockhart Realty Advisors has an outstanding track record of real estate consultant in commercial buildings and in the hospitality business. Our company has over 47 years experience in the acquisition and consultant of investment properties. Because of our experience, we are uniquely positioned to identify the best opportunity to maximize the return for the seller.

We are known as a turnaround commercial real estate consulting company. Lockhart Reality Advisors is one of the most experienced consultant companies in the western United States, having consulted, represented and sold over 450 hotels and related properties. These properties include office buildings, shopping centers, land acquisitions and sales valued at over 4.5 billion dollars. Further, we have enjoyed success working with master plan developments such as golf courses, commercial subdivisions and restaurants.

Lockhart Realty Advisors also specializes in consulting with Real Estate Owned (R.E.O.) departments of banks financial institutions.

Lockhart Realty Advisors has formed long-standing relationships with large groups of investors within the industry, which has elevated Lockhart Realty to be one of the best in the industry at completing transactions in a professional and timely manner.

The Lockhart Realty team evaluates the local market and available properties for sale. In the event of a positive profile match, the company recommends the purchase of properties for their potential worth after remodeling, repositioning and turn-around costs.

Lockhart Realty Advisor does offer brokerage services through associated companies. It is not a brokerage company itself.